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“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”– John Bowring

I have been raising labs since around 1997. I had my first lab at 3 years old "sunshine" and fell in love. In my 20's with 3 young children I finally got another..Chase. chase was an amazing dog. He was patient, loyal, kind he was my best friend. He helped raise my children and stood by my side through the best and the worst of times. As my love grew so did my lab family. I, with the help of Pridezion labs began breeding dogs. I know have a 32 acre home with 5 ponds that we bought for the dogs, and kids of course.


With the help of my husband and my daughter we now have a beautiful kennel with some amazing dogs. We raise good well rounded labs that can be shown, hunted or the best of gaily members. We test for eic, certify eyes, ofa hips and elbows and hesrts. The temperaments in our labs have gotten nothing but rave reviews, and they all seem to be easily trained.


If you are looking for a new family member or best friend please contact us to see our availability. Thank you for visiting our site.

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